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Resources - Books related to hair loss from chemotherapy

On this page you will find an assortment of books covering the topic of hair loss from chemotherapy. 

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Naked in the Wind: Chemo, Hair Loss and Deceit 

If you enjoyed the film 'Erin Brokovich' you will love this modern day story of David & Goliath! This memoir tells the harrowing tale of a breast cancer patient battling against the giants of the pharmacutical world. It's a fight the author would not conceed no matter how many bureaucratic brick walls she encountered along the way. She fought to raise awareness about one of the most distressing, life-changing disfigurements a woman could suffer from.Her inspirational determination would help bring about one of the largest multi district litigations currently in the USA.

A Hair's Whisper: From Cancer to the Courtroom

The dramatic and captivating true story of corporate greed and the bullying of a cancer patient.

When Shirley Ledlie, a breast cancer patient survivor, stands up to one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and its lawyers, she embarks on a journey of strength and determination, and with an unbreakable sense of duty to do the right thing.
Despite fearing for her safety and standing at a mental crossroads, not knowing which path to take, Shirley shares her innermost thoughts, even those she’s ashamed of, and her rollercoaster of emotions from despair to elation and self-doubt to confidence.
A Hair’s Whisper is a gripping and empowering story that shows what can be achieved when we fight for the truth.

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 Dr. Lacouture's Skin Care Guide for People Living With Cancer

Dr. Lacouture's Skin Care Guide for People Living With Cancer

More people than ever before are living with and surviving cancer. However, the human cost of life-saving cancer treatment may be unexpected side effects to the skin, hair, and nails. How can patients navigate these changes without affecting their treatment, their appearance, or even their sense of who they are? Dr. Lacouture's Skin Care Guide for People Living With Cancer is the first book written by a board-certified dermatologist to help patients care for treatment-associated skin, hair, and nail toxicities, which can range from mild and annoying to serious enough to affect health, treatment, and quality of life.

If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing

"This "how-to" book provides a much needed text on dealing with emotional and cosmetic aspects of hair loss, whether from alopecia areata or chemotherapy. It details where to find and how to use products for compensating with this loss."

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Wig ED: What To Look For When Looking For A Wig

A beauty book on wig selection for women experiencing hair loss.

A celebration of beauty rather than a reminder of illness. Wig ED offers practical information on how to purchase, wear, and care for a wig. Demystify the world of wigs in one quick and fun read. You will be able to read and shop the same day with this beautifully photo-illustrated guide. Wig ED also features statements from experts in the field of oncology from four of the most prominent hospital and cancer centers in the world.

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