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He gave me all that paperwork they dump on you about the drugs. I lost all hair on my body the first month. It was very bizarre to have no eyebrows or lashes or pubic hair. It made losing the hair on my head seem almost normal. Almost.


I had that marker that meant I had to take chemo for the rest of the year after Taxotere was done in February 2012. A double mastectomy, 6 weeks of daily radiation, the chemobrain fog, the neuropathy, the balance issues, the exhaustion. So much fun. I still have the balance issues, fatigue, and neuropathy.

The hair...sheesh. I got back a few lashes and eyebrow hairs, but they are clear, so you can't see them. I have sparse pubic hair and body hair. My head? Sigh. I used to have incredibly thick, lush full bodied hair. Now, it's here a hair, there a hair, a patch here, a patch there. It grew out enough to tie back with the tiny bands used on babies. I don't want to be bothered shaving my head to keep the few hairs blowing all over. I don't do wigs, just a hat to keep off the sun and keep my head warm. I don't have anyone to impress, but lordy, do I miss my hair...

I did have an interesting time through my year of treatment. I am an author, and plan to write a book called Laughing At The Dark, because some of it was very funny. I am a member of the Taxotere class action suit, and hope someday to learn the manufacturer is finally having to pay for their lies.


Peggy Perry is an author and you can find her Amazon author page on this link


woman with dark hair
Taxotere permanent hair loss
Woman's scalp after Taxotere
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