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Erica: The Caption Contest contd.



The story—true—was about a woman whose wig flew off suddenly in a gust of wind on a busy street. Someone ran after it and returned it to her while others watched. The thought of it still makes the few hairs on the back of my neck stand up. What could be more horrifying?

I told a friend how I worried about such a possibility. She said, “You’ve got a great sense of humor. Just think of a funny thing to say if that happened. Then you’ll be ready for it, and you won’t be so embarrassed.”

Great idea. Only years later, I still haven’t thought of a good line that I’d have the guts to say. Can you?

Think of it as a New Yorker cartoon caption contest for the follicly challenged. A bald woman on a city street is watching her wig fly off above her. People all around are staring at her. Calmly, she says to a woman next to her……?

#bald #wig #badhairday #happynohairday

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